Privacy Policy

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VRadio is a free application which presents visual advertisements as a way to monetize its content. These advertisements are provided by the Google Admob service. In order for these advertisements to work and to also avoid fraud, Google Admob creates and places a unique advertising identifier on each device which is considered as anonymous data collection.

As a user, you are given control over the visual advertisements that are being presented. You can select between full-screen advertisements that are triggered as long as you use the application and banner advertisements which will always be visible in the bottom section of the application. You can select between personalized and non-personalized advertisements. In the case of personalized advertisements, you can read more about how Google handles your information here. You can also choose to completely remove these advertisements by selecting the disbabled advertisements option and then making the respective purchase (Remove Ads).

VRadio offers a wide variety of radio stations to connect to and to listen to their online streams. Upon connecting to these radio stations, they will be aware of your public IP address and they may place additional audio advertisements tailored to your locale by using geolocation services. VRadio will never place audio advertisements. Every audio advertisement will always be originating from the respective radio stations or by any other network/device/software component that mediates your connection to each radio station.

VRadio collects anonymous information about your device's language, country and the duration of your listening sessions in order to be able to present the most popular radio stations in the VRadio platform.

VRadio also collects anonymous information of the stations that it fails to connect to in order to facilitate the process of identifying and fixing these broken streams.

Upon logging in to the synchronization service, a cookie that contains your session with the server is stored on your device. In order to synchronize your stations across devices, the following pseudonymous data is stored to the VRadio synchronization server: the combination of your e-mail address and your password in an encrypted form, your favorite stations and your user stations (custom created stations).

The above information is collected solely for the previously defined purposes and in no occasion is shared with any 3rd party individual, team or company.